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Green Tea Body Scrub

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O&R Body Scrubs combine mildly exfoliating sugar with skin-loving coconut oil to gently remove rough, dead skin cells revealing fresh, new, glowing skin underneath.

  • Double-duty – cleansing + exfoliating
  • Removes dead skin cells to reveal the good skin underneath
  • Not recommended for use on the face

Green Tea - A tranquil blend of tea with hints of citrus, moss, and musk

Cleansing + Exfoliating +Fragrant + Always Natural

Other available fragrances

  • Lemongrass - A refreshing bright zip of lemongrass with subtle hints of fresh orange and tangerine
  • Tropical Sunrise - A subtle and sweet blend of ripe mango, peach, currant, and succulent papaya make this the fragrance of the islands
  • Sunshiny Day - Born of a beautiful day, this vibrant, crisp, slightly fruity scent whisks you away to blue skies and sunshine
  • Olivia No2 - A captivating experience of soothing white tea, fresh bay leaves, with hints of orange zest - Our signature fragrance named for my Grandmother